Once upon a time in my cerebral matter


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12 monkeys, a perfect circle, akercocke, aliens, american beauty, amon amarth, arcade fire, architecture in helsinki, army of darkness, banana cake, bathory, batman begins, battlestar galactica, bela fleck, bjork, black metal, blood duster, brick, brunettes, buffy, bulb, chuck palahniuk, coffee, cube, cult of luna, cuteness, cypher, dawn of the dead, dead like me, death, death from above 1979, decapitated, decoder ring, depeche mode, dillinger escape plan, doctor who, dog fashion disco, dragonforce, dreams, entombed, evil dead, evil dead 2, family guy, fantomas, far, farmakon, firefly, five star prison cell, garden state, ginger snaps, godspeed you! black emperor, half-life 2, happy people, helmet, heroes, hostel, house, hugs, invader zim, isis, jazz, jeff buckley, johnny cash, jose gonzales, joss whedon, karma to burn, karnivool, katatonia, killing joke, kinky sex, kreator, kyuss, lamb of god, led zeppelin, life, live bands, louis xiv, love, lumbricus, marilyn manson, medium-sized boobs, melbourne, meshuggah, metallica, metalocalypse, michael jackson, mirrormask, mr bungle, ne obliviscaris, near dark, neurosis, nick drake, nine inch nails, opeth, orphaned land, pelican, people with fifty legs, peppermint tea, pink floyd, pj harvey, placebo, porcupine tree, post rock, potatoes, radiohead, randomness, reboot, red vs blue, richard cheese, robocop, sandman, sarah blasko, sepultura, serenity, sigur ros, sikth, slayer, smallville, solaris, soundsleep, spiritual beggars, starship troopers, sufjan stevens, sunn o))), superman, system of a down, tea, terminator 2, testament, texas chainsaw massacre, the cure, the dears, the dresden dolls, the fifth element, the grates, the howling bells, the knife, the machinist, the mars volta, the pixies, the raconteurs, threat signal, tool, transformers, ulver, white zombie, wonderfalls, x-men, yeah yeah yeahs

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